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Water flowing underground

same as it ever was

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By vocation, I am a teacher, by inclination, a student of human nature. Illness forced retirement upon me in 1997. I live for part of the year aboard an English narrowboat in France.

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. . . . . .I believe in learning . . . .

MWNN and his faithful Valentine set off to find more adventures in the books and on the water.

Trusty Sambo rowed and kept watch, but missed the rat. They were under no illusion how difficult it was to get good staff. How they wished they had taken Ash with them - he would have shown the bally rodent a thing or two.

Landlubbers lurked in their pretend book houses but our smart pair know a Domino's pizza box when they see it.

What a jolly, smart pair they are. Hoorah, hoorah and no soppy stuff.

(MWNN's first foray into Drabble Feb. 14th 2005)

Ash 1996 - 2005

Kilo 1996 - 2008


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