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Day Off - Version 2

I could get used to this!

Postie arrived a little later this morning, so I got to lie in 'til 9.45. Along with the usual boring mail for MWNN, there was my Spike Special DVD. What's a person to do? Well this person took breakfast back to bed and watched the Introducing Spike feature and Lie to Me with her Wheatiebangs and tea. (Yes, some people not only eat Wheatabix but actually like it!)

The dogs had to make do with the garden this morning. Snow wasn't the problem, the wind was, so I took MWNN's advice and tied the step stool to Killer Terrier's legs to prevent him doing a Mary Poppins. So there was none of this
for me today -

Yay! Have I said how much I hate lone dog walking? Oh, I have huh?

I did do a little housework but reasoned it would need doing again tomorrow so didn't put too much effort into it. There's a new loaf baking in the machine (love that machine) and the kitchen is more or less clean (difficult to keep anything clean with a loony GSD who's in the middle of her second moult and just adores getting muddy - a lady she isn't.)

Thanks to jennylyle for your sympathetic words (and the dog walking smiley). I hope this isn't an indication of the colour of your hair for the French trip; you know I'm allergic to pink! (can't wait to see the outfit on you though.)

Back to the DVD folks - a bientot.

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