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Delivered MWNN safely to the airport for his trip to his Ma in Dublin. Won't have him under my feet see him again 'til Saturday. I should be breathing sigh of relief that I can work on my OU assignment in peace, but my Muse has deserted me and I was relying on our morning walks with the dogs to sort out my ideas for the three parts of the assignment. That's the thing I hate most about his absences, walking the dogs alone. (Well, no, actually, it's not, the thing I hate most is the lack of - cough, mutter, not for the reading public)

Spent the afternoon when I should have been working, burning the last of the photos from 4 years of French trips onto CD for MWNN to take to show his Ma. One good thing came out of all this, he's admitted we need a better laptop to take to France, so that I can watch DVDs, he can look at photos, and we can have internet connection via Wi-fi. Looking for a laptop that will do this, with a bog screen, for around £1000 (new)Anyone any recommendations?

Seems to have gone quiet in LJ land again. Must be the season of coughs and colds again. Thank goodness we don't live back in the 1600s when catching a chill could be the death of you. Actually, come to think of it, if we were back then, I wouldn't be writing this here and you wouldn't be reading it, I'd be doing a Samuel Peeps and writing my journal with a proper pen.

*pimping the book I'm currently reading* - Earthly Joys, by Philippa Gregory. It's about John Tradescant, gardener to Robert Cecil, Lord Wooton, and the Duke of Buckingham, in the reigns of James I and Charles I. It's a fascinating story, beautifully written, taking the reader to Europe to collect rare seeds, bulbs, trees and plants for the most powerful men in England, at a time leading up to the Civil War.

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