hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

The Rodin Museum

Forgot all about this when I posted about the day of Museum visits (Sunday 29th February). After the Consciergerie and Petit Chapel, we had lunch in Angelina's, which advertises itself as a Restaurant Salon de The Instead of desert with our late lunch, we had patisserie, with proper English tea (leaves, not bags) in a teapot. This must be the first place in Paris where I haven't had to teach the staff how to make the tea.

MWNN leaving Angelina's stuffed full patisserie.

Then it was on to the Rodin Museum, which was an eye-opener, to say the least. I experienced the same sort of surprise at seeing the famous Kiss that I got when I first saw Blake's paintings. With Blake, I was expecting BIG canvasses, the smallest print I'd ever seen was A4. What Blake did was small, very small - he was an engraver, an illustrator for his books. With the Rodin, I expected the smoothness of a bronze, the chisel marks on the stone took me completely by surprise. His bronze working studies are very fine, but I was more impressed by the woman (I'll remember her name in a minute - Camille Claudel) who did the Waltz, the Wave, and Maturity, than anything of Rodin's. Camille Claudel's work

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