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Out of Sorts

Had to go into town today and buy a new curtain rail for my bedroom. The day we took off for Paris, I ripped the old one down as I tried to close the curtains. (Don't know my own strength, obviously.) So, does anyone know why you can't buy a venetian blind that is 70" wide? I don't think the budget will stand the £120+ that it would cost to have one made. Nor do I want to wait two weeks to keep the sun off my face while I'm working at the PC during the day. Suffice to say, we came back with a pole for £9. MWNN is busily installing it now.

Was going to do another Paris update earlier today but yesterday's news about the wedding depressed me so much. Don't know whether to phone the daughter or take the signal that she phoned home yesterday knowing that I was out at Tai Chi. Perhaps mother isn't the right person to talk to at a time like this. I don't really feel like can't do any writing and there's the writers' workshop to do this weekend, the TMA for the course to finish and submit, the next chapter of the fic to work on.

Saturday 28th March, Paris pics here
There are pics of the Consciergerie (was a prison during the Revolution where Marie Antoinette spent her last months (first pic) and where over 3000 people were condemned to the guillotine, most of them ordinary folk, shoemakers, wine merchants and the like; there weren't too many ex-nobles among the names on the wall. Fascinating to see that in a time of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, the poor had to sleep many to a cell, on straw, the better off paid for beds and other luxuries, and the renowned had a private cell with access to writing materials and the like. (Third pic shows a corridor with the three different types of cell.) For me, the most chilling sight was the room in which the leger entries were made; the man with the pen being a very powerful person indeed on Revolutionary France.

The next batch is from the Petit Chapel (next door) to the consciergerie. The first pic is a carving on the rear double doors underneath the wonderful Rose Window. The Upper chapel is absolutely stunning, the walls being mainly stained glass going up into the heavens forever, supported on fine columns, gilded with different designs. The blues in the glass are so - blue (see, told you I can't write at the mo').

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