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No change

Well, even after de-installing and reinstalling Power DVD, the sound problems persist. No, that's not true - the DVD plays LOTR beautifully now AND it's ok with my CDs; the problem seems to lie elsewhere. The BtVS clips are still piss poor and, given that the lighting isn't brilliant on this week's ep. I'm having a bit of a struggle (and they gave Spike so many wonderful lines of dialogue; this week didn't they *raise eyebrow*. I mean, come on, honestly now, how many different ways can the poor bloke deliver "aaaaaargh"?.) Suppose I should just give up and wait for the episodes to air on Sky 1. But, then again, I am such a greedy, impatient type.

Read Qkellie's unfinished fanfic based on Tab Ras last night. Put me in a really good mood. More - I say.

SNOW - we've had some more - very pretty out here in the country. The sainted daughter also reports that it's pretty in town too.

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