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Paris Trip

Travelling day:Friday 27th Feb. Drove down from Calais to Beauvais through a blizzard and awoke to about 2" of snow. I love driving through snow in France, it's those wonderful skies that do it. This is the second year in a row that we have had this kind of weather for the anniversary trip.

Day One in Paris: Saturday 28th February.

First, an excellent lunch in Le Square Trouseau, where I tasted my first local (Isle de France) wheat beer. I liked it very much; it has none of the bitterness I associate with English beer, having, instead a sour fruity (lemony) flavour. Must admit it didn't look all that appetising, being the proverbial piss-colour but it was wonderfully light and fragrant. Unfortunately, our subsequent attempts to buy some from the supermarkets proved fruitless. So, sorry, bogwitch, the wheat beer promised in your postcard isn't coming your way; the cider is, though, found teeny weeny bottles of Douce et Brut so both versions are yours for the downing.

MWNN leaving the restaurant.

After lunch, MWNN forced me up the Tour Parnassus to take the view from floor 76 pics taken can be viewed here using the slide show facility. I was really nervous because my fear of flying prevents me going anywhere up high in man made devices (I'm ok with natural high places like mountains or cliffs). Turns out that it's not the fear of hights, it's the control freak in me; I need to be driving the vehicle I'm in; once the 45 seconds' journey in the lift was over, I was fine. The view is stunning; 365 degrees of Paris laid out like a 3-D map. The weather was fabulous this year, unlike last, where the snow continued throughout the weekend; this year the shifting clouds that lit each section of Paris (apart from the Eiffel Tower which managed to stay under the same cloud the whole time). The digital camera turned up trumps yet again witch_wolf though I am not pleased with the lighting on the hesadevil in the snow pic (MWNN behind the lens, obviously.)

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