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Yee Gods but it's cold

The drive back from Tai Chi was fraught, all 1.2 miles of it. The inside of the windscreen kept icing up and the de-mister wasn't up to heat to make any difference.I checked the temperature gauge and it was cheerfully telling me it was 42 degrees C. (it melted in the hot summer, last year in France.)

The road back home is a Roman road - dead straight - but with switchbacks that hide on-coming cars until they are almost upon you, their headlights blurring everything on the windscreen. It was like driving through freezing fog. Not helped by the idiot who decided to ride my bumper all the way because I wouldn't pull over far enough for him to over-take. Didn't he realise I was saving his life? The number of head-on collisions on that road is frightening.

On another note, just read the AtS wildfeed and does the fact that MWNN and I are going to An Evening With Gilbert and Sullivan tomorrow mean that we've turned to the Dark Side? The episode sounds like a cracker, with Spike and Angel finally working together at last. TV Guide gives AtS 5 Stars!!

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