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I've just spent the past hour avoiding doing anything productive. But must get into gear soon as it's Tai Chi tonight. The bad news last week was learning that I couldn't have the clips to burn on a CD to take with me to France to play on the laptop. (Copyright issues) No amount of explaining that there was no room to swing the proverbial cat, let alone practice in front of my PC, would change R's mind about making the clips available off-line.

Was very naughty last night and ordered a DVD player from Amazon. (I'm tired of perching on my office chair to watch on my PC.)Major problem, it will arrive on the day of our Anniversary, and we shall be in Paris. Let's hope postie doesn't do what he did with BtVS Season 6 DVDs. (Stuffed them under the side gate.)

Need to take your order for French Cider soon bogwitch. What's your preference? Dry? Sweet?

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