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I know it's a little early but . .

I know bellinghman and bellinghwoman will be there, but

are any other of my British LJ friends going to Discworld Con. 2004? I ask because I'm in a total sulk at being unable to attend any of James' events (being away in France again for the entire period he's coming to the UK.) But it would be nice to meet up with some of you if you were thinking of attending Discworld. This will be my third DW Con. I always have a fabulous time but, owing to death-threats from Totkat if I attempt to socialise with her, I always get a tad lonely. Not that I don't enjoy being on my own, at times, in fact I quite enjoy it, but when you attend a Convention, it's all about joining in with people.

Ashamed to admit this but I've forgotten which night I've booked as my first one at the Convention Hotel. I will receive a confirmation of the dates before then won't I?

And, given Totkat's neglect at doing so last year, would bellinghman be so kind as to alert me when the Gala Dinner tickets go on sale? I'll be aboard the boat, but could arrange to send you a cheque before I leave for France, for you to forward on for me and book me a seat.

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