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Unrelated thoughts:

* Harry is adorable.

* I live in a beautiful part of the world. As I drove back from willowfae's yesterday afternoon, I drove past the perimeter wall of the Woburn estate. (It always takes a trip like this to remind me of the fact that England is a beautiful country.)I spotted a hare in a field and almost crashed the car as I oggled it. It was joined by a second one and they boxed. I've only ever seen that once before, many years ago when commuting by train into London; and that was in March when they're supposed to do that, not the third week in February.

*An advert for a mobile phone on the hoarding beside the station. A dining table. A mobile phone. A text message - pass the ketchup. That really pulled me up short.

* Update on the continuing saga of the Women in WWII memorial. The London President of BFWG received the following in an e-mail from Westmister City Council. Conditional planning permission to erect the memorial in Whitehall was granted in July 2003 subject to completion of a legal agreement to secure the associated highway works.

* What has happened to all my LJ friends? They can't ALL be on vacation/moving house/involved with the Save Angel Campaign

*There was something else - nope - it's gone.

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