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The walks with MWNN and the dogs usually involves long discussions about all sorts of things. Sometimes they centre on what either of us is working on or, more frequently, a topic that is common to both our current line of enquiry.

Yesterday, the topic of the nature of family came up again and this morning, with my breakfast, I re-read the article Blood and Choice in Reading the Vampire Slayer. One line of argument interested me; that membership of the family on AtS was never the result of romance with one of the core family members. Hence Lilah never became a member of the family, whereas Spike and Anya, in BtVS did.

Consider the family members in RL, then who marry in. How many are never considered real family? How many have their opinions dismissed? How easily are they dismissed in the event of separation or divorce? (apart from their parental role if they have one.) Interesting eh?

Yesterday's musings on god parents left me thinking about the myth v the reality of family life. While writing Chapter 7 of my Family fic, I was reminded by Spike's babbling about his relationship to Connor in Angel's family, that I had a photo of my paternal great grandparents.

I burned a Family photo CD today, from my photo collection I'd assembled when starting researching my Irish roots. The myth is that my paternal grandfather was born of Irish parents. The reality is that my grandfather belonged to a family of Mancunian shoemakers going back to the beginning of the nineteenth century. If they were Irish (and of that there is little doubt, being Catholics living in an area of Manchester that was about 75% Irish), then the family must have come over well before the first Great Famine.

Now if I could just work out how to use what I was talking about to MWNN in the next few chapters, I might be able to start writing again.

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