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<---nothing can cheer me up, especially him *sob*

Says it all, really
Despite the lethargy, today was mildly productive. Completed the first assignment for OU Writing for the Internet tutorial (not due 'til 20th - go me!)

pre-Beta-ed (is there such a term? Anyway, I know what I mean. I'll be getting this chapter back at some stage.) bogwitch's Chapter 2.

Dog-walked, despite pulled thigh muscle (in bed last night - what could I have been doing in my sleep?)

Shopped - sat in car while MWNN shopped.
Decided to do more than mope, so wrote two postcards:

one to JW - a postcard saying twice in a lifetime (Hayley's comet) thanking him for the two shows.

Another to Matt Roush (TV Guide)summing up my opinion on the quality show that is about to be axed.

Hence the Cinerama link.
Still numb. Valentine's day was spolied somewhat - meal was mediocre, champagne gave me a hangover (steer clear of the Baron's vintage)Muse has departed. Need comfort food and hug. Where is the sunshine? Send some over from Oz. my antipodean friends.

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