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Bloody "outlaws"

Spent much of the day scanning documents with the OCR for one of the outlaws. She wants it proof-read by Thursday. Damnit, if the bloody woman had sent it in an e-mail, instead of snailmail, it wouldn’t have hung my PC up for so long. Add to that the fact that my DVD Powerdriver seems to be missing a file and the sound quality is piss poor and I am not a happy bunny this afternoon. Far too much time wasted on tech problems and not enough on real work.

The FIRST EVIL has been truly working overtime on me today.

But, hey, I treated myself to q quiz as a reward and guess what, I'm Rona
Hey there, you're Rona! This whole thing is crazy,
and you, for one, are not afraid to say so. We
say keep right on expressing yourself. Sarcasm
becomes you. You're well on your way to
becoming a mega-cool Slayer, if you don't
become a statistic first. Stay with the group,
girl. Remember what happens when the token
black chick goes first...

Which Slayer-In-Training Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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