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Finally got myself sorted out.

Chance arrived this morning, and with it, a little note saying Enjoy! On the reverse of the note was Bagpuss!!!! Did you know it was his 30th birthday this year? bogwitch?

After much huffing and puffing and pouting and sulking on my part, I finally got the DVD to play. I needed to reinstall my Power DVD software. Even though it's an out-of-date version and doesn't work too well under XP, it apparently contains some decode files that are needed to play it using Real Player.

Other news Chapter 5 of Family is now up at Hesadevil's Babblings and Blondie Bear
Thanks to my beautiful talented betas bogwitch and onetwomany (researching all that Brehon law stuff was very interesting. Thanks for the seamless merging of demon, Brehon and human laws, you're a marvel!)

Oh, and I started the OU Writing for the Internetcourse today. Looks good.

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