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I missed my LJ's first anniversary.

The reminder for the paid account arrived today.

It's hard to believe that it was a year ago. So, what has LJ brought to my life.

* Him

No! I already knew about him. But the on-line him certainly.

* And them and the introduction of creative writing into my life, thanks to the initial support of qkellie and then the continuing support of onetwomany bogwitch witch_wolf spicklething and estepheia

* Friendship, virtual and RL.

willowfae is just about to give birth to her first baby.

meallanmouse had been made redundant, twice effectively, and has just landed the job of her dreams. She it was that led me to ask for a fountain pen for my anniversary present, so that I can enjoy the pleasure of hand written correspondence with a decent instrument.

qkellie has finished her Masters and motivated me to go back to studying with the OU.

* Sharing my daily life with family, irishnoodles, and friends.

So, thank you LJ. You've enriched my life in so many ways. *raises a glass* Here's to many more years on-line.

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