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There's good news, good news and more good news.

Firstly, your package is on its way bogwitch The nice sub-postmaster assures me that 90% of all first class packages reach their destination the following day. So, expect it Monday. (You don't really expect to be included in the 90% do you? What an optimist!)

Secondly, my claddagh is repairable and will be back in two weeks. Phew!

Thirdly, we've finally had a visit from the man who is going to convert the garage into a library study for MWNN. (He keeps calling it a library but it will be his bolt hole that he will use when his present study, the guest bedroom, is turned back into . . . the guest bedroom.)

And now, I'm off to put the finishing touches to Chapter 5 of Family. My Muse has gone on strike so I'm still struggling with 6. (It's the lack of apostrophes wot's done it.)

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