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Fruitful Day

Head has recovered – the Troll has departed and taken his hammer with him. Now all I need to do is to remove those First Evil Minions who are stoking the fire underneath me and causing the hot flushes. Oh – yeh – poor choice of music – I really ASKED for this didn’t I? Must be more careful what I wish for in future.

Despite my protestations yesterday, I HAVE managed to finish one article I’d promised that history journal’s editor. Haven’t found the right photo to go with it yet, but I will! . Now I just have to overcome my tendency to engange in displacement activities (really must resign from membership of the Procrastinator’s Club – erm – did I ever send in the application form in the first place?)

Nice to see some of my friends from FF on livejournal. Had a nice talk to tubbyk last night about our favourite actor’s possiblities for the future. Yes, it DID disintigrate into girly hair-pulling at some point. You really are going to have to go to those frustration management sessions tubbyk You made up for it, though when you sent me that promised text by e-mail, AND you were very kind about my head - eventually.

Only 4 hours to go to Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 7 on Sky 1

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