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Unfinished projects.

Did I mention how much I hate detached (surface) chain stitch? My tudor silk purse has ground to a halt because I've had to unpick the rose so many times already. Don't worry, jennylyle, I'll have it finished by May. And I'm definitely not going to start the next purse before this one is finished.

My on-line chat with bogwitch helped me unblock the impasse I'd hit with chapter 6 of the Family fic. (Thanks bogwitch, you always have so many original ways of looking at things; they're usually pretty funny too, something that my fic is a little short on.) I've got the germ of an idea for another fic investigating a different theme. But when we talked about the number of unfinished fics bogwitch has on the go, I was reminded of my many unfinished embroidery projects, so I've vowed not to start the next fic until Family is finished. Just how long I'll be able to keep to that resolve, I don't know. My notebook is already beginning to fill with lots of little jottings for it.

ETA Thanks to paratti for the heads up about Winding Roads on Sky this afternoon.

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