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Paris is all very well but . . . .

Went to collect the dogs this morning. They both had a really good time with Uncle A. Ash fell in love with A’s German Shepherd Elphie and Kilo claimed Elphie’s football as her own. A. had a great time playing footie with Kilo – he gave up long before she was ready to quit.

Queued for a long time in the supermarket this afternoon. The blizzards and ice of Thursday and Friday had a strong impact on supplies so I guess everyone was stocking up against further big freeze problems. The countryside looks very pretty but the roads are lethal. The drive back from Paris yesterday was done in record time, despite 2 major blizzard attacks just north of Amiens; five hours Paris>home. The dire warnings about the A1(M) proved groundless; we were virtually alone from junctions 1-9. Everyone else seems to have found alternative routes – no doubt they were gridlocked!

An afternoon of Celtic Rugby – final at Cardiff – for HIM and some catching up of BtVS for me later this evening. In the meantime – lavender soak in a lovely hot tub (showers only in the Paris hotel; NOT ideal when suffering hypothermia)

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