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Tai Chi ramblings

My new Tai Chi class is great. It's a small class - about 12, 8 of whom go on and do the Sword form after the Tai Chi session.

Me, not so. I'd not been to a class where the first hour is spent on the Chi-Kung. In fact, I've never been taught Ch-Kung. I found the Yi Meditation absolutely excruciating. I took a pair of canvas shoes and hadn't realised that the sole narrows dramatically under the heel. Trying to keep my heels flat really took it out on my calf muscles, so I kicked the shoes off before we went into the Li exercises.

I had done none of this before, so it was a case of watch and copy, you can imagine the difficulty I had when we got to the knee and hip stretch.

Despite my difficulties, I really enjoyed the evening. I was welcomed to the class by being the one chosen to stand inside the circle in the final Jing session before the class went on to the Tai Chi long form.

The babies (e and two others)were then given individual tuition. I, being the total newbie, was taken through the first 8 moves, and then left to practice. When the class had finished the long form, each member worked with a partner, the newbies getting more individual attention.

This is so different from my last class, where the tutor was the only one giving tuition, and the class was very large.

On another note
I am getting really confused by different friends' reaction to AtS Spike. As we're only on episode 2 in the UK, I'm going to have to wait to make my own mind up. But from what I've read of eps. 3-9, I think onetwomany may have summed it up for me when she wrote Spike desperately needs a purpose.

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