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Right - stop with the procrastination

And do something about it.

Browsing my friends' entries, one from fearsclave impressed me.
All is well in my world, even if for some reason I couldn't balance on my left foot to save my life tonight Tai Chi probably has a lot to do with the all's well methinks.

I've agonised too long about finding a concentrated 'weekend or week-long class; time to get back into it. I've found a class that meets at one of the schools at which I taught I.T. It's precisely 2 mins away in the car, at the top of the hill, on the Icknield Way, not far from a Roman Camp. (The hill is definitely a Roman road,dead straight - two-marching legions wide and deadly, thanks to all the blind spots caused by the many switchbacks.) Not only is the class on the right night - i.e. not an AtS night, it has its own on-line classes for those who join.

Right, next Wednesday, the procrastination stops.

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