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Good Luck Fire

Good luck for your 2pm appointment. meallanmouse

I didn't have much luck keeping the Loony Shepherd out of the ditches this morning. I left off walking the dogs until about 11.30 because it was raining again and - no over-trousers. By the time we were out there, she was raring to go and the ditches were overflowingly full. I kept telling her it would do her arthritis no good but would she listen? Of course it didn't help that the wind was blowing a gale, so her 'toy' kept escaping and flitting down the bank. She was incredibly stiff getting into the car on the way out but, perversely, on the way back, she had no trouble.

And now, I'm knackered from all the cleaning-the-mud-off-the-carpets I've just finished doing.

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