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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
The Good, the Bad and the Out-of-Stock 
12th-Jan-2004 02:38 pm
knitting sketch
Things happened today. - The Good
Shopped in Ye Olde Trusty Safeway on the way back from the airport. Bought lots of goodies. (MWNN buys 'Chicken Drummers' when I'm away, I buy fish cakes when he is.)
And found, at last, something I've been searching out for a long time. Just to explain, I rarely drink coffee. For me, it's something I enjoy at the end of a very long meal with many courses and many changes of wine. But I do, occasionally, enjoy a cup of cappuccino. Partaking as I do, so infrequently, I can't justify buying a machine, so I've been looking for an instant version, with real coffee, but no added sugar, or glucose, or anything of that ilk. Today, thanks to the wonderful lady stocking the coffee shelves, I found it.

Other things happened - The Bad
Delivered MWNN safely to the airport. Well, delivered, don't know about the safely, having been rammed from behind by The Ubiquitous White Van at the roundabout just short of the airport.

Aside - do you have roundabouts in America? They're fun! A very efficient way of controlling traffic at road intersections, requiring only a lot of nerve and the sensitivity of granite to negotiate. (shall I enter now? Is that car turning off or is it coming on round? What's with the flashing lights and horn? Well you should have bloody well indicated you were coming on round shouldn't you?)

Where was I? Oh yes, rammed from behind. Not a pleasant experience. However, no-one was injured, and, as far as I can tell, the dog-waggon is ok.

Some things didn't happen - The out-of-stock
This is really a message for MWNN. (Yes, I know you're reading this in the Dublin cyber-cafe, that's why it's here. I've enabled anonymous comments, just for you sweetie.) Overtrousers, womens, small (or medium, large or anything else for that matter), Milletts, out-of-stock. Hesadevil walking dogs in torrential rain; out-of-the-question.
12th-Jan-2004 04:37 pm (UTC)
Yes, Rotaries (roundabouts) are very common in the North East of the United States --A New England adventure. I have to go through three Rotaries to get home from the mall, which is a great number.

Slowly they are becoming the way of the past which is fine by me because no one knows how to drive in it.

When I was in the UK, the whole driving on the wrong side almost got me into trouble. Hee He..
12th-Jan-2004 06:52 pm (UTC)
Ooh and rear-ender! I've had a few of those (get your mind out of the gutter!) and I caused one or two...

I have my laptop now and a new PC on the way. My internet access is going to be intermittent in the next week or so, but I believe I can still get my beta to you very soon.
12th-Jan-2004 09:43 pm (UTC)
No double-entendre intended with the rammed in the rear comment, of course. Would I? *whistles innocently*

Good to hear your computer problems are on the way to being solved. When you say new PC, do you mean brand spanking new; in a box with shrink wrapping new? - Won the lottery?
12th-Jan-2004 09:52 pm (UTC)
I do mean new. £250 for a better spec PC minus monitor at Watford Electronics in Luton. The PC that died wasn't that shabby mind you. Shame I have to wait aweek or so for it.

Erm, I can't get at my hard disc, so if you want to send me chapter 2 again I can try to re-do it and send it from work. You could try sending it there. Fingers crossed I won't get into trouble.

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