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Starry Starry Night

La Nuit Etoilee

Finally got into the Musee D'Orsay after three years of trying. Spent some time being disturbed by many of the Van Goch's, including this famous one

There is so much violent energy in VG's work - even the Eglise d'Avers is distressing in its distortion and stormy colours.

The Degas pastels were stunning, especially 'L'etoile' - such ethereal light and movement conveyed. The Cezannes, on the other hand, left me cold; his human forms so crude and ugly in comparison with the light and beauty of the Degas.

And after a wondergfully successful trip to the D'Orsay, discovered, after a snowswept walk up the Champs Elysee, that the Orangery was still in a state of disrepair with sections open to the sky and various be-hatted workmen lurking in windowless openings. Aaaaargh, WHEN will I ever see the Waterlilies?

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