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Update on the technological revolution

I-Pod successfully installed, registered and armed. Beginning the onerous task of listening to my favourite music and copying to the Pod. Pity me, pity me - I'm suffering here - Beautiful South, Clapton, Beatles, Paul Simon - oh the pain, the pain. - Hee!

Have managed a few tracks from a couple of CDs so far but thought I'd be really brave and go on line. So far, my search has taken me to negativebeats.com Does anyone know if the downloads are safe? My virus checker has thrown up a warning and I don't know whether to accept the licence or not.

ETA I need a little more info about American football - re the violence and language at the matches (not the audience - is that what you call those who watch a match?) but the players, coaches and managers. Some of the violent stuff is part of the play, but some isn't. I need to know about both. Any American football fans out there?

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