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Yet another Spike-related entry

A big thank you to everyone who responded to my requests for help with the fic. yesterday. You know who you are. All your suggestions and inputs have helped enormously.

A headsup for British fans. Sky 1 is holding a veritable Spike-fest on the evening of New Year's Day. In preparation for Spike's appearance in AtS, they are showing Spike-centric episodes. (I'd tell you what they are but the Sky 1 website is refusing to share the schedules for this week for some unknown reason. - oh wait - could be because the site has pop-ups and XP and my Google bar have joined forces to repel all pop-ups)

So, anyway, I'm planning to send MWNN off to watch a film on his DVD player so that I can pig-out enjoy some popcorn, diet coke and Spike in peace.

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