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End of a Strange Day

Finally got a little sleep to get rid of the head that was caused by the wine I had the other night to go with the wonderful cassolet that was just SCREAMING for a good Cotes de Rhone.

Fended off some approaches from a journalist for info on an ex-pupil at my old school. She REALLY SHOULD do her homework a little better.

Also managed to persuade the editor of a historical journal that I WOULD have my article done on time - no probs - and yes, with pics. (some chance -it's still in note form - ah well, there's always the next issue.)

AND I managed to set up a new personal website, so I'm going to put that in my profile info. tomorrow.

Thanks to Willowfae for helping with the images in an e-mail prob. Managed to sort it out myself but just examining HER e-mails gave me the clue about where my problem lay.

Not bad for a sick woman who SHOULD have spent the whole day in bed.

Oh and I forgot - spent a fair time compiling a list for Spike for his new Angel Bashing wallpaper.
see my friend soulvamp's journal entry under 'quick nutshell of a day - Issues, on 15th Jan.

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