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I think it works

Had a major heart-stopping moment when the Upgrade thingy gave me a long involved report after about 20 minutes with dire warnings about stuff to do before proceeding with the upgrade;

Uninstalling some software (Go Back - but I use that a lot. I'm forever having to revert my hard drive to earlier times because of, well, just because!)

Some hardware might not work with the drivers it found and if I couldn't get updates for them, I'm stuck with non-working devices like:

* a zip drive with about 8 zip disks holding lots and lots of image files. (I tried burning the contents onto a CD. It took 1 hour 20 mins to do one zip disk.)
* a printer
* a digital flash-card reader
* a scanner

MWNN did a bit of research for me (he's my surrogate Giles) and decided I could probably get updates for the drivers.

Message for qkellie Need your brain on a Spike-related bit of info about music, for the long fic. I'm doing. Rest of you, carry on reading.

So, an hour later, the upgrade is finished and I register on-line. No problems getting on-line.

New desktop appears (hate the screen resolution will have to do something about that.) First job, I decide is try to get on-line. Safety procedure - open the virus protection. it won't run Have to go on line and download the stuff again. Try dialing up. wrong password, access denied Connect using Outlook Express with no problems. Download virus protection and enable and

here I am, back again. Or so it seems. I wonder what will happen when I boot up the machine tomorrow morning?

Keep your fingers crossed.

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