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#My true-love sent to me#

I have the most wonderfully romantic hubby, fantastic daughter and cool soon-to-be-son-in-law. They bought me

a fire-wire card

and an I-Pod; engraved

Christmas 2003, hesadevil

(I almost cried. I said almost; haven't gone totally soft.)

Only downer: It won't run on Win98. I'm going to have to upgrade to XP. (No, MWNN cannot have the fire-wire card for his machine because he's already running XP. I'm not going to suffer his music on my I-Pod. He got a new DVD player/CD writer for his, let him play with that for a while. (I'll even loan him my LOTR DVDs.)

Also, had a wonderful conversation walking the dogs this morning. Came clean to MWNN and confessed the fic-writing. Turns out, he's been thinking and researching the same theme that I'm exploring in the long fic I'm working on; Family the changing nature of the concept of family and all that entails; trust, kinship, loyality, blood ties, Gemeinshaft. I love it when this kind of thing happens. We've been thinking about the same theme and not telling one another and then it's opened up on one of our walks and we add to one another's thoughts and refine our own ideas accordingly.

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