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Unacustomed as I am

I'd just like to thank a few people for a wonderful year on LJ.

willowfae for giving me my first free account code, encouraging me in my BtVS obsession, and becoming a really good friend. Have you seen the news?

meallanmouse for getting me through some dark times and encouraging me to get back to basics with some snail mail.

qkellie for writing soulvamp, and inspiring me to dip a toe into the scary world of role play with annesoul. (I enjoyed every minute of it, but in a roller-coaster ride kind of way. (Your card arrived this morning, for which many thanks - Poor Frostie!)

estepheia and ladycat777 for their truly fabulous Advent fic

witch_wolf, onetwomany and bogwitch for encouraging bullying me into starting a long fic and offering, without hestitation, to help with it in various ways.

But most of all you guys for showing me that differences of age, gender, political persuasion or nationality needn't necessarily stand in the way of on-line friendship.

Merry Christmas Everyone

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