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Season of goodwill - bah humbug

I do not want to go into town tomorrow to face the mad hordes. But I must. I need to pick up a new pair of specs. These are for reading. I've been putting off getting them for a long time, reasoning

* don't need them unless the light is very poor
* can't afford them, given that any frames that look reasonably priced then require a mortgage to fund the cost of the lenses.

But, the last eye test showed very clearly that I do need them for all the time I spend in front of a VDU nowadays. The new pair were ordered last week and will be ready tomorrow.

The other thing that will take me in tomorrow is MWNN forgot to buy the fish on both of his 4 hour marathon sessions in the local shops. Fish is traditional chez hesadevil's on Christmas Eve (which is when the gifts are exchanged; - such a good traditional German ploy we adopted it to ward off the 'look what Father Christmas brought me', at two in the morning on Christmas Day when the daughter was a child.)

No, not liking the thoughts of tomorrow at all!

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