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Feeling great

Enza has worked the miracle on the hair again. It's as short as it can stand to go without having a crew-cut. She tells me that I must use jell to keep the kinks under control and 'persuade' it not to flop forwards at this length.

Had some really optimistic news that will keep me going in my TV-deprived state while I'm away. - yes I know they have TV in France but it's not the same is it? And all the English-language shows are dubbed. Can you imagine seeing Huge Grant on screen and hearing some Frenchman trying to stutter in that delicious schoolboy way he has? Doesn't work for me. (I have enough trouble trying to keep up when a Frenchman plays a Frenchman - at least I can lipread what he's saying, but with dubbed voices, not a chance.)
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