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Paris update - Sunday 14th

MWNN and I had a very strange brunch at an American eatery on Rue St. Germain (cityZen is a strange mix. The emphasis definitely wasn't on the Zen, what with very hard Jazz playing over the PA throughout.)

We then bussed it to St.Sulphice (a church that sheltered Irish emigres from the persecution of the Test Act in the Nineteenth Century. The attached Seminary trained a lot of Irish priests, hence MWNN's interest.) As we prepared to leave the gothic monstrosity of a church, we saw a school choir setting up for a 4pm concert. Turns out to be an English School, Malvern College. Nice concert but not a patch on MWNN's school choir. The most challenging piece they performed was Mozart's Ave Verum - nuff said! Still, it was nice to hear an English school choir. They were performing at 4 churches and were concluding their Paris tour at Gallery Lafayette on Monday.

Now, must away to finish the final Crimble cards, put up the tree, wrap the presents. (Got something for MWNN at the Science Museum yesterday, nothing boaty at all this year.)

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