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LOTR exhibition, London

Was well worth the £10 entrance fee. (The Paris exhibition was free.)Each exhibit was themed with a video accompanying it. Much explanation of the costumes and props designed to convey immediately the nature of the creature involved; e.g. dwarves costumes being very much medieval, western Europe; elves costumes more Art Deco but with a Japanese feel to the way the weapons were used and the mode of fighting.

You could touch some of the exhibits, like the three versions of swords made for different purposes (fighting props were lighter than 'dress' swords) Everything looked worn and used. There was even mud left on a saddle blanket. Aragorn's costume was washed and mended by Viggo Mortensen himself. I wonder how many pairs of those boots he got through in 6 years?

Fabulous videos explaining the special effects and you could have a photo taken on a special set (two people needed) that made one person look hobbit sized.

One very creepy exhibit; a life-sized replica of a boat complete with a sleeping Boromir. Well he looked asleep to me. I offered to kiss him to wake him up but my friend E. said I'd only get a mouthful of plastic (not what I was hoping for at all by kissing Sean Bean.)

And then there was The One True Ring suspended in a glass jar, in its own little gallery space, darkened and bordered with a frieze of fire.

Anyone who has the time should really make the effort to go and see the exhibition.

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