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Paris update - Monday 15th

Travelling around Paris during the last few days, one couldn't hep but notice the posters advertising the LOTR film. On closer inspection of one of them, I read that it was not advertising the film but an exhibition of the designs by John Howe and Alan Lee. MWNN dragged me on to a tube before I had finished reading it and I thought the exhibition was in the Carousel de Louvre.

Monday in Paris. All museums closed except the Louvre. So, after photographing the tree at Lafayette, we headed over. No sign of an exhibition! There was, instead, a tourist office. In we went. No, Madame had no information on a LOTR exhibition. There is one in London. (Yes, I know, I', heading there in a couple of hours) But none in Paris. Please check the ordinateur. We have seen the adverts on the Metro. And lo, there it is. In the National Library.

A ride on a very new Metro line out to the National Library. (A very modern complex; - 4 towers around a pedestrianised square beside the Gare de Lazares.) Horror of horrors, the security people are 'en grave'. Desolee, madame. The exhibition is closed. You can walk down the corridor and have a look. Silly silly Frenchman. The corridor is where the exhibition is hanging. There are all the designs for the films, some in very early stages, in pencil, others in full colour. MWNN is so impressed with the 'architecture' he's asked to have a look at the DVDs he bought me No you can't take any photos. But the shop is closed so I can't buy a poster. At the very end of the corridor, no library staff in sight, so managed to sneak just one pic.

Will update about the London exhibition of the costumes on return tonight, just for bogwitch Must away to walk the dogs. (Killer terrier is still in sulk mode at having been put in kennels for a week.)

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