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Nous sommes chez nous

Whose mad idea was it to go to Paris at this time of the year? Oh, mine, well what a good idea it was.

I wanted to shop at the Gallery Lafayette to get materials for the daughter's wedding. After the best pizza I've ever had, on Avenue Jean Jaures,(Etap Hotel there, very nice, extremely reasonable rates,with underground parking) we headed over on Saturday afternoon, just as darkness fell.

As we approached the shop from the Metro station, we met this human traffic jam. The streets were thronging with good reason; the Christmas lights on the building were absolutely stunning. Of course, I hadn't got my camera with me. ETA But I have found an image on-line

A couple of hours later (the crowds inside were as big as those outside) we emerged, having bought some beautiful or vielle wild silk and other beautiful fabrics for the three silk purses I am embroidering. Needless to say, we returned on Monday so that I could get this shot of the tree inside the dome.

More about the Paris trip tomorrow.

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