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Good day if somewhat damp

London Underground was madness this morning. I'd forgotten that Chelsea were playing Man United today. What all those United fans were doing clogging up the underground at King's Cross at 10.30 is anyone's guess. Ah for the days when supporters were from the same town as the team!

I love the British Library; it's full of Gileses. Well, it's not full of sexy cuddly hot . . . cough yes erm . . but it's full of people who use books for reference not ones and zeros. (I wonder if Giles has a British Library Reader's card?)Perhaps I should have trained as a librarian instead of a teacher after all!

Managed to renew my reader's ticket there and then, on-the-spot after I'd rummaged to find proof of identity in the form of my driving licence. The new instant photo card makes me look like an escapee from the lunatic asylum but - hey - it was reaining, I was wet, and the man at the desk didn't warn me he was taking it.

There was a lovely Ted Hughes exhibition in the entrance hall and a wonderful exhibition of Chinese art (modern) in the exhibition hall. I found a copy of my book in Humanities 1. It's been classified under education - religion (671.07) Interesting! I thought it might be in history - education - women but, no! The on-line bookstore also seems to have it in the education section too - hmm.

Poetry reading at the Sybyl Campbell library was interesting but I was at a distinct advantage as no one had bothered to tell me who we were reading or to bring some poems to read myself. That's what comes of being AWAL in France so often.

All in all though a very good day - made all the better by spending obscene amounts of money in the Brit. Library bookshop.

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