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Greeks and Romans in the Buffyverse

Classical threads in fantasy and science fiction on contemporary television

Reviewed the details of the Conference with MWNN last night. He's such a sweetie, puts up with all my ramblings about the imagery and themes, but he won't watch with me.

His first comment on reading

The cost is £10 to include coffee, tea and a light lunch.
MWNN Well it'll be worth it just for the nosh - how can they afford to run it at such a low cost?

Conference organised jointly by the OU and The Department of Ancient Classics, University of Ireland, Maynooth
MWNN That's one serious department!

10.00 am Arrival, coffee, welcome
MWNN See, it starts with refreshments.

10.15 Arthur Pomeroy Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand ‘Don’t Speak Latin in Front of the Books’: Ancient Language and Myth as Cultural Signifiers in BtVS.
MWNN Nothing like starting with something light is there? You up to speed on these abreviations? - What's BtVS?

11.25 Coffee Break
MWNN More refreshments.

11.40 Laurel Bowman University of Victoria, Canada ‘I Flunked the Written’: Prophecy in the Buffyverse.
MWNN ROTFL . . . giggle giggle . . . ROTFL . . . more giggle giggle.
No, I'll be good, I promise . . . snigger I flunked the written . . . giggle, snort, ROTFL. (We're talking serious Giles-type hysterics when B. told him all that had happened in his absence in Series 6 here)

12.15 Julia Courtney Open University, UK. Holy Writ and Holy Fools: Joss Whedon and the Carpenter
MWNN Who's Joss Whedon?

12.50 Lunch
MWNN Look, more food.

14.00 Paula James Open University, UK Gate-Crashing Gods and ‘Coming Back Wrong’: Crossing Classical Thresholds in BtVS.
MWNN Who came back wrong? Was that Spike?

14.35 Gideon Nisbet St John’s College, Oxford. ‘Myth-conceptions: Faking Authenticity in the Hercules TV Specials.’
15.10 Nick Lowe Royal Holloway, University of London. ‘Xenaversions of Epic and Tragedy: the Warrior Princess as Radical Archaeologist.’

MWNN What's this got to do with Buffy?

15.45 Tea Break
MWNN Look, look.+

16.00 James Chapman Open University, UK. ‘Contextualising Buffy and Beyond: Perspectives from the Film and TV historian.’
MWNN Did the Greeks and Romans have TV? Where have the Greeks and Romans gone?

16.30 Roz Kaveney (chairing) Editor of Reading the Vampire Slayer: An Unofficial Critical Companion to Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
Round Table Discussion

MWNN You want me to get that book for Christmas for you so's you can participate? Look, even if you fall asleep during all the papers, it's going to be worth going just for the refreshments. Is willowfae going to be there? She's a fan too, isn't she? And she's doing that OU course on religion and Buffy featured in her final assignment. This would be really interesting to her don't you think?

He'd totally forgotten that willowfae had told me about the conference in the first place.

Now where can I get a copy of Reading the Vampire Slayer: An Unofficial Critical Companion to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. in less than 6 weeks' delivery time?

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