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We few, we happy few

Took a very early finger-freezing, nose-nipping, fleece-needing walk this morning before the kick-off in the Big Game . Just one word


News from the Home Front.
MWNN had had to play Florrie Nightingale to the flu-jabs?-We-don't-need-them irishoutlaws. Babyoutlaw has been sick for over 2 months and irishnoodles was summoned from Germany to care for irishoutlaw ma-in-law. Both have been given the bug by irishoutlaw new-grannie (who has just flown out for a break in Tunisia)MWNN had better not bring anything back. (Not that it should matter, we've both had the flu jab)

outlaws - eh?

On the brighter side;

Spot of ironing in front of the telly (best place for it)watching the rugby. (burned myself each time Wilkinson missed a kick at goal)
Roaring fire
Second brekkie of tea and toast with the Sundays - perfick!

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