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I love working with silk

Just back from a workshop at Art Van Go (Just about the funkiest place in the world - IMO) It was all about Elizabethan silk purses and I spent over 2 hours getting the position of my couched thread just right (which means I actually didn't get very far in the making of the purse. My practice piece is in such vibrant jewel colours that it just has to be destined for jennylyle Unfortunately, as lots is good, more is better is the ruling mantra of Elizabethan embroidery, there is NO WAY it will be ready for Christmas. Birthday perhaps?

Anyway, now that I know I can do this thing, I'd better come clean and announce that there was an ulterior motive for attending the workshop. The sainted daughter announced early last week that she is getting married in Autumn 2004 to her partner The Moderator. She's having a small, quick, civil do in London and will be wearing her silver ball gown. As she's pig-headed independent minded (and has been since she was about 4), she's organising everything herself and wants no help from us, at the moment. She did ask how long it would take me to learn caligraphy to help with the invites, but I told her too long for me to be confident enough to take on the responsibility. But, embroidery is my thing, so I thought I'd do an Elizabethan purse to go with her gown, if she likes my test-piece that is.

Oh my God, just realised, I'm going to be a mother-in-law.

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