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Sleep - what's that?

So, what happened on Halloween?


No callers; not one witch, warlock or pumpkin knocked at the door. Could have had something to do with the fact that there was torrential rain and the beginnings of the gales that rocked the house last night.

So, what to do with all those mini-chocolate bars? MWNN is working steadily through them

Had a very late dinner last night; it was close on 10pm before we started eating. (I know we got into bad habits a-la Francais when in France but, this was a little late even for those damn Frenchies.)It was all the fault of my OU final assignment. I had this really cool idea for the main part of the layout of the front page of my mock website and just had to keep going on it until I had finished.

Well the finishing-off finally ended at 4.30am this morning. Then I was kept awake further watching the storm from my bed.

Hence the Sleepless-in-Hertfordshire mood.

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