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The Wonders of Technology

I  woke late on Saturday and found an email  informing me of the arrangements that had been made at The Event

I was able to 'attend' the talk on the importance of doing research; The Devil Is In The Details, thanks to Skype and the equipment set up by Audio_n_Video.

Then it was lunchtime and I had a good view of the room in which the Event has been held for the past four years (there's the new banner I had printed for this year's change of name).

While everyone was out to lunch, I moved the laptop to a downstairs room in readiness for the afternoon session.

The first session was a really excellent presentation on vidding which covered both the artistic and technological constraints of making a music vid. Note to self - checkout Beat Sync software.

Next up was a presentation on Fanpoetry. This programme item revealed a flaw in  Skype that hadn't been considered when the equipment was set up. The video image is really small and I found it impossible to read the poems on the white screen. Even when the poem was read, I didn't have the text to follow the discussion followed and couldn't really take part in the practical part of the workshop. Note to self - make handouts available to 'virtual' Event members in future.

After the teabreak, the video link had been adjusted so that I could zoom in. The first workshop was Coming Up Roses:: The use of scent in writing. 

Some of the smells suggested for the prompt 'Pub' are pictured left. This was a vast improvement in what I could see on the video link earlier in the day.


I really wanted to take part in the art workshop and was very grateful that one was set up for me. Sueworld talked about light which is something in which I am particularly interested.

"Light introduces emotions, meaning, atmosphere  - you name it"



This Skype experience has opened up new possibilities for WriterConUK. I'm quite excited at what may  happen in future years' Events.

Look - I'm there, at The Event.  In reality I was somewhere else altogether. Just like The Doctor, I travelled in time and space. The magic of technology and WriterConUK working together.

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