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Water flowing underground
same as it ever was
Not a total waste of time 
20th-May-2011 04:13 pm
cruising log

The new Berlingo outside Le Chauderon

We wasted almost a whole day in a fruitless search for a canal bridge full of graffiti that MWNN wanted to photograph. We differ in our recollection of where the bridge was and there are some bridges that are inaccessable by road.

However, the day was not totally wasted. On our third circuit around Menessis, we found ourselves  on the way to Jussy. It being almost 1pm, we stopped for lunch at 'Le Chauderon'. We'd discovered this great little workman's restaurant during our week in Gite no2. On the first visit, MWNN discovered leek pie; this time, he admitted to liking rabbit stew. The tiramasu which he chose for dessert was 'delicious'. My 'fruit rouge' tart was the best I'd had since I was a child.

Ron on the Port 'estate'.

We ate at an outside table and Monsieur le Chef came out and made the mistake of going up close and staring at Ron in his travel crate in the back of the Berlingo. Who would have thought that the dog in the photo (right) could turn into a ravening wolf at such provocation? I took him out of the crate so that he could greet Monsieur in his usual cheerful manner (especially when I explained to Ron that this Monsieur was the chef who had cooked the rabbit of which he had been given a fair share.)

There was a full moon a few days ago. On the final clear(ish) night, I decided to have a go at taking photos from my cabin, using the night and timer seettings on the camera as I'd left the tripod at home.

Some pics came out rather well. This one is probably the best and may make it into next year's calendar in some form or other.
21st-May-2011 02:41 am (UTC)
Oh, the pic of the moon is STUNNING. And Ron! He makes me giggle :D
23rd-May-2011 06:00 am (UTC)
So very beautiful... Reading about your meal made me long for a decent one myself (diet, ugh). Though I can't say I'd go with rabbit - bunnies?! For a middle aged woman I still let Bambi influence me a tad too much.

Hope you are safe and content.
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