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A Special May Day

During the first couple of weeks at St Quentin, Ron found that my suitcase made a rather wonderful bed. He claimed it the first night at Gite No 1 and continued to use it at Gite No 2.

It's impossible for him to use it aboard the boat because his bed is the 'top bunk' on the cover over the hip-bath. He's complained bitterly on a couple of cold nights as his boat bed isn't as easy for him to use as an igloo beneath his travelling fleece.

Mum, 1941

Today is a Bank Holiday, because May day fell on a Sunday. It's also the 93rd anniversary of my Mum's birth - May 2nd, 1918. I've missed her a lot during the last month. When we're in France, I used to send her a postcard at every Halte Nautique and phone her when there was a kiosk available. She loved following our progress on the map and was interested in the towns and villages we visited, especially those in well-know wine regions as she knew there would be local wine heading her way on our return to the UK. Our boat is featured prominently on the cover of the Cruising Club brochure and, when I saw it, my first thought was 'I must send a copy to Mum'.

Mum (left) with her sister C1958

We're still in Port, thanks to a glitch with the fridge and the loo.
I'm cooking a cassoulet for this evening's dinner and will serve champagne in honour of Mum's birthday. She and her sister, Anne, loved a drop of wine and Mum's tastes became rather sophisticated once we'd discovered the wine regions and the village co-operatives of the South of France.
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