hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

I never promised you

a rose garden.

But I was promised a holiday during the 2 weeks of gites prior to the boat re-launch. Week 1 in Gite No 1 while finishing the exterior boat painting and interior cleaning. Week 2 - finishing the boat ready for re-launch and having day-excursions from Gite No. 2. What have I had? So far, 3 weeks of hard work, 2 while in Gites 1&2, 1 while repairing various leaks and getting the interior habitable now the boat is afloat.

So, I have no lovely pics of the beginnings of a cruise on the St Quentin canal, just some pics taken at Gite No 2 the day I 'pulled a sickie' after I'd caught a chill working outside in the cold.

 The 'duvet-day' turned out to be rather nice, so I did all the washing (3 loads) and took pictures (trying out the timer on the camera) of my second seamless cardigan.

Once the boat was in the water, the weather changed and we've been enjoying 27 - 29 degrees of sunshine all day every day. The nights are cool (10 - 14 ), so the boat has time to cool down before dawn.

After all the boats were safely back in the water and those coming out secured on their blocks on land, all the club members were given a four course lunch in the club-house. There were so many of us that there was an 'overspill table' outside, at which the President and Capitaine hosted the meal for the crane crew. I took some photos and will endeavour to upload on my next visit to the wi-fi.
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