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Now there's a surprise

Daughter has arrived safely home from her holiday aboard the Soren Larsen. So, having done the Stupid Bloody Johnson (aka Capability Brown) treatment on the daughter's garden ( the jungle has been cleared ) while cat-sitting, MWNN tackled the side entrance this morning. Actually, he was checking to see if the dead hedgehog on the road was our resident hedgehog; it was! But the prisoner had eaten a hearty meal before he died; his dish was empty.

What MWNN found down the side path was very interesting. Along with the windows-awaiting installation in the bathroom and loo, there was one very soggy package from Amazon, which had been thrust underneath the gate some time ago; date on parcel - 7th October - yes the missing original package. So, curses to Royal Mail yet again but - Yay for willowfae , your zero-priced package is awaiting collection. What? Send it by post you cannot be serious.

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