hesadevil (hesadevil) wrote,

Whooohooo - triplets!

No - not that sort of triplets - this sort.

Tuesday morning - Bodhran Lesson 2 and my tutor emphasised the importance of mastering the basic downupdown stroke for each time signature. I find practicing straight 4/4 (bom234  bom234 bom234 bom234)  reel rhythm excruciatingly boring so spent some time today perfecting triplets  (tiddly234 tiddly234 tiddly2 tiddly4 tiddly23gap) to spice up the pattern. I felt confident enough to have a go at accompanying St Ruth's Bush Reel and improvising different combinnations of pattern as I played my new bodhran.
Sorry for the poor quality of the video. I'm using the laptop's webcam with its primitive controls and settings and adding effects and credits with Windows MovieMaker.
I'm really enjoying learning, practicing, and playing. Don't know that MWNN experiences the same pleasure when he's listening to me practice, so I'll have to get in as much as I can while he's away,
Tags: "bodhran practice"

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