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All is well - sort of

Why is it that I get more work done when MWNN is away? (No, don't answer - keep minds out of gutter and all that) I'm up-to-date with my studies, the housework is done, washing finished, fresh bread/soup/chicken cooked,wonderful fruit-juice . . . juiced.

Bright and cold today - still haven't dared light the coal fire. MWNN's hanging is on the wall just beside the hearth and I'm worried about the dust. Anyone know how I can treat it to repel the dirt? (It's shot silk with rayon threads)

Apart from the cold, and the need for gloves and hat, dog-walking is a dangerous business at the mo'. Thought I was hearing fireworks again yesterday and today; (no, it's not Halloween yet, nor Guy Fawkes Night, but that doesn't stop the local pyromaniacs from setting them off in early October and continuing through to what feels like Christmas, when they have another excuse.) What I was actually hearing was the shooters on the farm. It's the season again. Had to steer well clear of the woods.

The score? Oh the usual -

shooters - nil
peasants pheasants - 250 or thereabouts

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