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Cruising log in 40 days of Tweets

This year, I kept a brief cruising log on Facebook via Twitter. Entries are from the day we cast off to the day we left our home mooring for the journey home.

# Left st q at 3pm. 30 degrees today. Cruising with Eric and Linda. 5:28 PM Jun 4th

# Batteries and fanbelt in need of attention last night. St Simon lock closed before 6pm so we moored on the lock pontoon. Storms at weekend. 9:30 AM Jun 5th

# Ron in river this a.m. Got him out just before storm hit. No cratch cover (damaged by 15 years of hard use)  so wet washing all over inside boat. 11:15 AM Jun 6th

# Mobile phone battery low. Left charger at home. Jun 7th

# Boat probs multiplying. Nothing insurmountable. Heading for Reims. 08 June 2010

# Rain again today. No cratch cover so front door closed. No forward vision from inside the boat as need to keep the door closed. 09 June 2010

# Day 2 non stop rain. We're eaten alive by midges 'n mossies. Continuing boat probs. Aid @ Reims. 10 June 2010

# Need price bog-standard 120 hr deep cycle batteries in uk. May need to replace house batteries. 11 June 2010

# In Reims. Cost of mooring 4x what it was 3 years ago. 20Euros a night. Rain ceased at last. Hot. Batteries Ok once threatened with redundancy. MidgeMidges still out in force and biting ... 11 June 2010

# Sillery today. Overcast & drizzle. Stopover for diesel, provisions, replacement power input socket (Caravan shop doesn't stock the right type). Rest day. 12 June 2010

# At Sillery. Lovely mooring, 4 locks 9km from Reims. 3 nights for E17. Supermarket close. Peaceful. 13 June 2010

# Provisioned @ Sillery. Took on diesel. Rain. 14 June 2010

# Good cruise through Champagne region to Conde. Ron had early bath jumping up into warm water of my shower where he expected his bed to be on be (on the hipbath cover~). Weather kind but blustery making mooring difficult. ... 15 June 2010

  # Quiet trip, 11.5km, 2 locks, 1 swing bridge to Mareuil s Ay. No bakery any more. Small restaurant imstead serving local champagne. Vinyards come right down to the walls of the chateau ... 16 June 2010

# Rainy cruise to Epernay, champagne capital of the Marne. Low mobile phone battery, no charger. 17 June 2010

# Pulled in @Epernay town bridge for hypermarket. No mooring so dashed in for milk, bread, Nokia charger while MWNN held boat in current. Mooring @ Tennis Club, beneath De Castellan tower upgraded since our last visit 10 years ago. May need to mortgage boat to pay for mooring. Cold, wet day. Boat snug. 17 June 2010

# Kir Royal in Epernay clubhouse with 2 Californians, 2 Danes, 1 Belgian, 1 English. 18 June 2010

# Another overcast, cold day. Boat cosy. Ron enjoying life afloat. Heading slowly to Chalons en Champagne then turning homewards. 19 June 2010

  # Delicious fresh strawbs from farm in Conde. Tasting and 2 bottles of champagne from champagne house hosting barbecue. Cold (15deg) windy. 20 June 2010

# Decided to head back to port instead of detour to Chalons. Long day from Conde sur Marne to Sillery. Bitter cold (13deg), rain, 20 June 2010

# Rest day @ Sillery. This has been the coldest summer since we brought the boat to France. Winter cassoulet kept boat and crew warm yesterday. 21 June 2010

# Sunny today. Did mounds of washing in Butler sink in shower block. Not enough drying space to dry sheets. First cherries of season from the South. Local cherries still pale red. Had champagne aperitif aboard Parisian boat in return for tour of an English narrowboat. Their boat was made in Brundle, E. Anglia. Sillery good mooring for chores, maintenance, Ron play. Wifi broken. 22 June 2010

# In 2000, MWNN and I ate at the Relais de Sillery. We remember the elegant building, landscaped park with stream running through. Most of all, we remember the classic set menus and the starched staff's horror @ the Basil Fawlty moment with a rat on the terrace. After a longer than remembered walk from the mooring, we found the Relais in a coaching inn with a limited lunch menu @ 18, 39, 45, 75Euro. The elegant building is now a private residence guarded by large dogs behind high walls. We had our own classic menu provided by Chef Hesadevil. 23 June 2010

# Weather changed. 34deg daytime compared to 15deg 2 days ago. Meeting friends in Reims, Sat. Boat maintenance continues. 24 June 2010

# Hand washed bed linen Wed, Thur @ Sillery. Hot weather made bearable by cool breeze entering boat through bow door. Reims tonight. Boat uncomfortably hot today but we found shade on the wall beneath the flyover @ Reims mooring this evening. Birthday lunch for J&L tomorrow 25 June 2010

# Lunch @ the piano bar with JandL. Air conditioning a plus. Meal pedestrian but Ron welcome. Reims mooring noisy, expensive, plagued by drunks. Not secure, facilities poor. Different Capitaine on duty waived our mooring fee. 26 June 2010

# V hot. MWNN repaired fanbelt, batteries, loo. Battery management system not working properly. Heading for home Port. 27 June 2010

# V difficult day, Sunday, ending with no mooring or shade. Welcome shower but pumpout filter clogged. Bailed bath with bucket, cleared shower pump filter ... Cleared filter, needed nother shower. Sad end for field mouse in canal, couldn't get out. Tried to encourage him onto the boat pole and out of the water but he was disorientated. Eventually rescued with collander but he was dead. 28 June 2010

# Monday slightly easier day. Moored @ Bourg. Spent afternoon on bank in shade. Chemin d Dames tunnel today. 29 June 2010

# @ Pinon tonight. Hot again. 37deg inside boat. Narrowboats designed to keep heat in. Provisioning 4 4 days.Supermarket beside us. 30 June 2010

# Booking hotel in St Q to recover from heat. ETA Sunday. Return Uk asap after guests leave on 12? 01 July 2010

# Heat .prevents enjoyment of being on boat but we were enthralled by company of Red Kite 2 days. Temp 40deg daytime, 26 night. Ron desperate 2 swim when moored. Relief in 2 days. Air con car & hotel room. 02 July 2010

# Storm last night. Blessed relief after 10 days heat. On edge of storm @ secure spot. 16km, 5 locks 2 home. 03 July 2010

# Checked out of hotel after 1 night. Air con not working. Lungs distressed in stuffy room.Boat more comfy with water cooled breeze. 04 July 2010

Rain today. Boat comfortable. Now begin slow process of cleaning boat for layup. Fill water & fuel tanks, replace gas tanks, make boat ready for laying up... 05 July 2010

# Off to visit Wargraves today. 06 July 2010

  # Long, but comfortable day in air-con car yesterday. Took over 100 photos. Had lunch at Friterie 07 July 2010

# Heat rising again. Laundry done @ Laverie. Can't find cooling system leak. Out all day in air con car looking for dry dock for blacking bottom. Boat too hot tonight.  08 July 2010

# Boat 30deg @ 11pm. No room @ Inn with aircon. Back bad from poor seating on deck & folding chairs. Heading home to Uk tomorrow via overnight @ Calais. Dog @ vet for pre travel treatment. Both of us desperate to be home. Crossing via tunnel early Sun am. 09 July 2010

# Leaving boat today. Cleaning in 33deg no fun. Fabulous meal @ Blanc Nez in Sangat. Ron had good time with local kids on beach. Best day of trip today. Ron a real beach comber - loves the whole thing. Home early am. 10 July 2010

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